The Opposite Gender “The Enemy”. With six billion different individuals sharing the planet with the comparatively insignificant variety of us who’re studying this text. You’d assume that the majority of us would naturally intuit that ladies. And men have been designed to get together with one another. After all, how else did all of us get right here?

Yet, should you go searching at among the “dating advice” and “seduction training” that’s widespread nowadays-especially for the guys you’d assume that the other intercourse was the Viet Cong and even Al Qaida…solely extra mysterious and doubtlessly harmful.

Seriously, can we wish to fill our lives with nice ladies or launch the Tet Offensive?

Who could be positive? After all, when guys get collectively to discover ways to divide and conquer…er…go meet ladies from, it is nearly universally known as a “boot camp”. And who cares if the idea of “Sarging” was named after a cat? It has a pleasant ring to it-at least in this context. Some writings go as far as to overtly use military-inspired imagery.

And no matter what is occurring, it had higher be a covert “underground” operation. If the ladies ever discovered what was being clandestinely strategized, our top-secret mobilization can be rendered ineffective.

Ladies for Online Dating – Opposite Gender The Enemy

I would not be a bit shocked if quickly somebody began advertising his or her newest and best seduction product as “recently declassified by the CIA”. Actually, on second thought…too late.

Meanwhile, behind “enemy lines”-the whereabouts of which can be poetically summarized because the “No Man’s Zone”-the newest recon reveals the insidious plot that the “Pinkos” (Emily would think about this a praise if taken actually, by the way in which) are scheming. Basically, their plan is to get the Evil Male Empire to (gasp!) DEFECT to their facet. And they’ve their methods of constructing us speak and be extra delicate. And cease being so…properly…masculine.

OK, that is sufficient. As a lot as I’m amusing myself to no finish over right here, my abdomen can solely take a lot.

Here it’s: We’re by no means going to get wherever with the other sex-especially the HIGHEST ECHELON thereof-if we won’t friggin’ stand them.

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Granted, perhaps it is not all that dire. My baseline opinion is that guys who dive headlong into the “pickup” group typically find themselves taking part in additional of a stay model of “Halo” than something having to do with actual relationships with ladies. Getting a bunch of digits and/or e-mails at a membership after which evaluating scores together with your buddies at 2 am feels like a blast, frankly. But it is extra like “laser tag with a liquor license” than something related to attraction and seduction.

Dating Advice for Ladies – Opposite Gender The Enemy

Yet, turn into good at “pickup” and also you principally do not have to fret about even getting alone with a lady ever once more. So, then, it is truly not a “war on women” or something. I believe most guys like ladies. This is extra alongside the strains of what does a canine does as soon as he truly CATCHES the automobile he is chasing?

And that, gents, is strictly so far as “paint-by-numbers” pickup sport will get you. Welcome to the hidden problem at play right here. The “real-life video game” is a number of enjoyable. But that also leaves the ladies ready for some males to really care sufficient about THEM to indicate up.


As for the women, a feminine good friend of mine as soon as summed up widespread “dating advice” for girls fairly properly when she mentioned it. I think all of that stuff is pretty much designed to help women find closure after they’ve been dumped. That was her phrase, not mine. Then once more, having simply typed them with my very own hand just about makes them my phrases too, does not it?


Whatever occurred to having confidence within the reverse gender? Did that go away with the pandemic rise in insecurity in OURSELVES that we see these days? Face it: two neuter creatures CANNOT turn into sexually attracted to one another. Neuter and spay your cats and canines and so they’ll lay around the home looking at one another. Then they will eat. Then they will take a nap. YOU, alternatively, must not essentially stay that lifestyle. You can expertise the improbable depth life gives once you take an opportunity and ENJOY the other gender from since you EXPECT THE BEST from the other gender.

Is that too optimistic for you? Yeah, properly…assume like that, and chances are you’ll get burned right here and there. After all, human nature transcends the boundaries of sexuality. But it nonetheless beats sitting around enjoying video video games.


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