Corinna Kopf is a German actress, model, and vlogger who rose to fame after starring in the Netflix series Black Mirror. She has also appeared in several movies, including The Sense of an Ending. She started her YouTube channel in May 2014 and gained over 3 million subscribers. She uploaded her first nude vlog on February 17, 2019, receiving a lot of attention from audiences worldwide; however, she has not made any further nude vlogs since then.

early 2019

The first Kopf video I found was posted on March 7, 2019. The video was made on a Friday and had almost 3,000 views by Monday morning. This is a good indication that she has been making these types of videos for a while and people are just now catching on.

Feb 2019

In February 2019, a video of you in the nude was leaked online. The video showed you taking off your clothes on camera, which was quickly taken down; however, it has since spread across the internet. You’ve since apologized for this incident with the following statement: “I’m sorry to anyone who felt hurt or betrayed by me over my public nudity.”

  • Why did she make this apology?
  • How does her apology affect her reputation?

April 2019

CorinnaKopf is a German YouTuber who gained notoriety for her vlogs and other content. She began making nude vlogs on YouTube in early 2019 but took a break from posting videos in the summer of that year to pursue other projects. In 2020, she became well-known for leaking celebrity nudes on Instagram through an account called @leakedcelebritynudes; however, it was later revealed that this account was fake and created by pranksters.

When Did Corinna Kopf Start Making Nude Vlogs


Corinna Kopf’s nude leaked video was released in mid-2019. While that may sound vague, it’s a pretty specific time frame. The video was uploaded on April 23 and stayed up until May 6. Corinna has been making videos for YouTube since February 2019. Still, this leaked video is notable because it shows her fully naked and in bed with another woman—the first such instance of nudity from Corinna herself (for reference, the video of her taking off her clothes was uploaded by someone else).

The other thing that makes this particular leak stand out is how much it affected Corinna’s career. Shortly after the leak went viral, she took down all her YouTube videos. She stopped making content on social media for about two months before returning in June 2019 with an apology to fans for “letting them down.” This delay likely had something to do with restoring faith in her brand after such a scandalous incident occurred so soon after starting as a vlogger; some might say she has yet to recover from what happened back then fully!

May 2020

Corinna Kopf’s leaked nude video was in early 2019, and her only fans’ nudes were released in May 2020. This means that May is a big one for Corinna’s fans.

The first part of Corinna’s nude video was released on January 10, with the second part released on January 28. Unfortunately, both parts have been removed from YouTube and other video hosting sites due to copyright claims filed by Corinna Kopf Productions LLC., which Corinna owns.

This leak came after it was revealed that Corinnakopf had signed an exclusive deal with OnlyFans to release all of her videos exclusively through their platform starting this month! So we’re excited to see what else she has planned!

Corinna Kopf leaked a nude video in early 2019, and her only fans’ nudes were released in May 2020

The leaked Corinna Kopf nude video was posted on 4chan, 8chan, and Reddit in early 2019. The video was posted as a GIF, allowing it to spread quickly across social media sites like Twitter and Reddit.

A censored version of this video then made its way onto YouTube sometime later in 2019. Finally, in April 2020, an uncensored version of this same video then emerged online (which we’ll discuss more later).


After a few years of making nude vlogs, Corinna Kopf has become one of the most popular YouTubers on the platform. She currently has over 4 million subscribers, and her videos have been viewed billions of times since she started posting them back in 2013.

So when did CorinnaKopf start making nude vlogs? It all started with an Instagram account called My Naked Truth which she created in 2012 after discovering other similar accounts like @MyNakedTruth11 or @candydollsnude – both famous for their risqué photos showing women in various stages of undress or completely naked. After seeing their success on social media, Corinna decided to follow suit and create her account under the same name.”

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