If it is important, sometimes, to A Romantic Argument in the couple (yes, yes), some conflicts can be easily avoided. You just need to know these little tricks.

The kissing technique

What better way to silence your hysterical darling than to give her a kiss ? A nice, big, drooling, passionate kiss, the kind to provoke a burning desire to end the conversation on the pillow. And hop, forgotten, the dispute!

The Mea culpa Technique – A Romantic Argument

Are you tired of this quarrel that turns to settling scores? Enough of these cries, these reproaches , this endless verbal ping-pong that makes you say things you don’t even mean? Put an end to this spiral by confessing your faults and asking Him for forgiveness. He will be astonished, probably touched and will only be able to admit in turn his share of responsibilities. All’s well That ends well.

The Giggle Technique

Disarm him by exploding with laughter at the most unlikely moment. After the surprise, he/she will ask you why you are giggling and you will reply, looking amorous, that all of this is ridiculous and that he/she really looks funny when he/she gets angry. In short, you suggest him to move on and obviously, he-she cracks. Nice dodge!

The Escape Technique – A Romantic Argument

Finally, last technique, and not least: you leave! When things really start to get out of hand, look him straight in the eye and turn on your heels. Go get some fresh air, do some shopping or have a coffee. When you return, chances are that he-she will act as if nothing had happened.

Sometimes it’s not easy to drive a man madly in love. However, it is not impossible to ignite the spark of his love… Here are some tips to make him crazy about you!

Don’t rush it

Men, especially big flirts, take a long time to truly fall in love . So be patient and let your relationship build gradually. Texting him or bombarding him with calls won’t help. You will be just another girl for him to have a good time with…

Stay Mysterious – A Romantic Argument

The man who is not sure of his feelings can get bored easily. So avoid routines, surprise him from time to time. Keep a bit of mystery by not talking too much about yourself in the first weeks of your relationship. To surprise him, do things you don’t usually do.

5 Tips For Defusing A Romantic Argument

Know how to make yourself indispensable

Another trick to make him crazy about you: be indispensable at all times. Involve yourself as much as possible in his life, both personal and professional, in order to be that missing piece to his puzzle. When your darling is going through tough times, be the one to cheer her up, make her smile, and help her get through the problems.

Play the Naughty – A Romantic Argument

No man can resist women who are playful and always in a good mood. Play the naughty from time to time by whispering a few sensual words in her ear or by sending her romantic messages in the evening before sleeping, without however exaggerating your words. He will have a hard time falling asleep thinking of you.

Impress him in bed – A Romantic Argument

Remember to surprise him by not remaining inactive. Make your first time a real moment of pleasure, to create in him the desire to start again. Good sex can make him addicted to you and madly in love.

Did you find him sexy and funny on your first date, and you would like to see him again, without giving him the feeling that you are already addicted? Discover all our secrets…

  1. Arrange to return an item

Slim ! You “unfortunately” left with his most beautiful pen, after leaving him your phone number . You have to give it back to him without waiting, that’s for sure… Take the opportunity to meet him at the cocktail bar downstairs, just for a drink…

  1. Give him back his invitation

The times have changed. Now, men and women take turns paying or sharing the bill . The best excuse to see him again is undoubtedly to invite him, to thank him for the first date. You find yourself in a charming and romantic place… in short, ideal for continuing a relationship that is already well underway.

  1. Strangely, his favorite movie is showing at the local cinema!

You discussed at length your common points, your respective passions, and even your hobbies. Do not hesitate to use this information to suggest an idea for an outing that will seduce him! See you again at the cinema then share a sorbet or offer him a walk by the sea or in the forest… you will see if he is sensitive to your spirit of initiative.

  1. Your cousin is getting married and you don’t have a date.

If you have many opportunities to see the chosen one of your heart, a wedding can become a golden pretext! You will, without a doubt, be enhanced by a pretty outfit , and you will be able to observe his behavior in society. But above all, this evening is ideal for chatting, laughing and dancing… until the end of the night!

  1. Your car has broken down… how do you get to work?

Look sincerely apologetic like someone who really didn’t know who to call. Pretending that your office is on his way and that he could drop you off tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and perhaps the days after… In exchange, of course, don’t hesitate to offer him a restaurant, one evening of the week !


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