No, Make Men Nervous, women aren’t the only ones who stress out before a first date. Men, too, are often very nervous. What worries them? Here are the top 5.

The fear of not being liked

Do you think men are free from all physical pressure? You are wrong. They too are afraid of not pleasing you, of disappointing you (“Hey, he looked better in the picture”) and of making a bad impression. The anguish of your conquest is generally proportional to the effect you have on him: the hotter he thinks you are, the more he will be afraid of not being good enough for you!

Gallant or not gallant?

Should I open the door for him? Offer him my jacket if it’s cold? Pulling his chair? So many questions that men often ask themselves before a first date. If they do, will they come across as corny? And if they don’t, will they be branded boors? Big question…

Spinach leaf stuck between teeth

No, no, it’s not just a girl thing! Men are also afraid of making a fool of themselves by having a sprig of parsley between their teeth or a stain of tomato sauce in the corner of their mouth!

The fear of being scared

This is an anxiety that is typically masculine. A girl will never wonder if she might scare off a guy by asking lots of questions about him or making naughty jokes. Whereas a man will always have this fear of coming across as a sleazy guy.

The bill

Most men consider it up to them to foot the entire bill when they ask a woman out, especially on a first date. And the majority of them compete in imagination to try to impress Madame by taking her to an original, chic… and often expensive place. Suddenly, even if they play it “grand seigneur”, they worry a little at the idea that you fall for the starter at 50 euros, the wine at 200 euros and the dish of langoustines with truffles… at 95 euros !

Your new darling, you find him attentive, sweet, sexy, in short, you are completely in love. The only problem: your girlfriends don’t like it. Do not panic, all is not lost yet. Follow the leader.

First Date 5 Things That Make Men Nervous

Second session – Make Men Nervous

Did the meeting between your new boyfriend and your BFFs not go as you imagined? Above all, don’t dwell on a failure and quickly organize a new outing to try to erase this bad first impression. Opt for a relaxed place conducive to exchanges (avoid places that are too noisy where you can’t talk to each other): a bar, a restaurant. Or why not have dinner at home? A word of advice: don’t invite your whole gang of friends at the same time. First because it can be unsettling and intimidating so many girls at once. Then because it’s easier to discuss and learn to get to know each other better when you are in a small group.

Brief him! – Make Men Nervous

To put the odds on your side, we advise you to prepare your darling as well as possible to avoid throwing him into the mouth of the wolf. How? ‘Or’ What ? By talking to him about your beloved girlfriends long before D-Day. Just to enlighten him a little on the attitude to adopt with each of them. Clara is a movie buff? Here, your darling also knows a lot about it. Linda is a fan of shoes? He will not forget to compliment his sublime Louboutin. In short, give him the means to make a good impression (or even sensation) with your friends: after all, who knows their weak points better than you?

Leave time to time – Make Men Nervous

Despite all your efforts, the current still does not flow? No need to make you sick or worse. To question your love story. Give it time: some complicities are slow to hatch, and if you have succumbed to the qualities of this man. It’s a safe bet that your friends will end up seeing them too. And if things don’t work out, don’t hesitate to discuss it with your girlfriends: if they really love you, your happiness must come before everything else, and they should learn to appreciate your spouse. Or at least to accept it as it is, since it has, deep down, the only quality that really matters: that of making you happy.


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