Men are not the only ones to scrutinize the A First Date physique of their partner, from the first meeting. Small decryption of what women, very attentive to the appearance of the one who accompanies them, observe in priority.

Smile – A First Date

First detail on which a woman will linger, your smile becomes the object of all attention. The design of the lips, the sincerity of the expression, but also the care with which the smile is taken care of will be observed under a magnifying glass. After all, the mouth is the first body part she could quickly kiss …


Some men are still unaware of it, but most women are very sensitive to the appearance of their lover’s hands . Their flawless softness and look – or, conversely, a sloppy look – can make all the difference. A lack of hygiene could even definitely put off more than one! Before a first date, remember, gentlemen, to take care of your hands and, in particular, your nails.

The buttocks – A First Date

Men are not the only ones to appreciate muscular and particularly plump buttocks. It’s a safe bet that this part of your anatomy will be observed by the one with whom you have an appointment, at the first opportunity. Unfortunately, those who focus on their sex often ignore women’s interest in the arch of the back and the roundness of the buttocks.

The eyes

At the first date, expect a woman to watch your eyes. Beyond their shape and color, it is above all the frankness of your gaze and its “sparkle” that will be deciphered.

Do you want to score points from the first exchanges? Here are 10 questions to ask him that are sure to impress him and/or pique his curiosity. Enough to make him want to see you again and again to find out more.

What a Woman Looks At on A First Date

How do you see yourself in 3 years? – A First Date

He will be delighted by your interest in his future and will take pleasure in projecting himself so far, which he probably never does. Naive as he is, he won’t see the little trap that hides behind this question which will allow you to probe his intentions/prospects a little (whether he mentions you or not, if he has serious plans, if he wants to get involved…).

What is your biggest sexual fantasy ?

Yes, it’s daring, but if you want to provoke a reaction in him and get noticed, you won’t be able to find better! He will be taken aback at first and will probably be hesitant to answer you. Besides, it’s a safe bet that he doesn’t really answer you and prefers to beat around the bush to avoid looking like a boor. But one thing is certain: you will have succeeded in surprising him!

Do you practice a sport? Which ?

A great classic that works every time. To arouse a man’s interest, talk to him about sports! He will be delighted to discuss one of his greatest passions with you and will be pleasantly surprised to see that you are interested in sport unlike many other women!

Tell me about your “friends”, is it important for you friends?

His other great passion, every time: his “friends”. Throw it on the subject and you’ll see his face light up, evoking the 400 blows with Patrice and the football/beer/pizza evenings they usually have every Thursday. A good way to know (the air of nothing) where you put your feet…

Do you have tattoos? Where ?

Want to tease her a bit? Once again play the naughty card by asking her to tell you about her possible tattoos and their location… Enough to tickle her curiosity about you and make her mouth water.

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