Real Love Makes You Vulnerable. No one wants to be open and exposed; we say this makes us vulnerable. Surely no one wants to be transparent to the point where what others know about you. They can turn it against you to hurt you if they desire. I believe it’s never the malicious intention of someone (who claims their love for you) to hurt you for the sake of hurting you, but then that statement doesn’t pertain to everyone.

As we (men and women) experience this emotion called love, you expose and share a part of yourself with the object of your affection. Things you never share with friends and coworkers. You share them with the object of your affection because you want them to know more about you as you learn more about them. Concealing a matter promotes dishonesty and your dishonesty breeds a lack of trust. And who wants a relationship established on deception and no trust? What sort of things do we share that seem to make us vulnerable? We may share our fears, hopes, dreams, likes, and dislikes.

Love and Harmony in the Relationship – Real Love Makes You Vulnerable

When you feel that special attraction or bond with the object of your affection and the feelings of love are mutual. You want the other person to know you and what makes you who you are. Questions are asked and conversations grow more intimate as time passes. As the relationship progresses, couples feel more comfortable with each other as they continue to communicate their feelings, hope, and dreams to each other. Couples grow closer together as a result o communicating like passions, hopes, and dreams.

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I like to remember that, love will show itself when a couple faces trying times and circumstances. When you have something to keep in the dark (a secret) you rob the other of an opportunity to make a choice and they are at a disadvantage. Let me give you an example: let’s say the man wants four children and the woman only wants two.

The man makes it known of his desire to want four children. But the woman only agrees to have children and doesn’t mention her desire to have only one; is misleading. It would only be fair, for the man to decide if he would like to continue the relationship, knowing he will only be able to have two children with this woman. His ability and option to make a decision are being hidden from him by the woman.

Man and Woman in the Relationship to Nurture

Real Love Makes You Vulnerable. Every couple has intimate details and knowledge about the other. This information is not for others outside of the relationship but is helpful in knowing how to treat each other. How to please each other, and how to promote love and harmony in the relationship. Strengths, fears, likes, and dislikes are only known by lovers. When, or if the relationship is strained, this information is not used against the other.

There is, however, that percentage of couples who literally turn on each other and use what they know about each other to hurt each other. Every couple knows about the strengths, fears, failures. And dreams of the other this is the vulnerability that I speak of. Being open and exposed to one another, in love.

It is the responsibility of man and woman in the relationship to nurture, encourage, guide, and protect what we know about each other. This is why I believe when you really love someone, you are open, exposed, and yet protected by them. Our words are used to strengthen and encourage, not tearing down or embarrassing. Love will not keep you guessing or in the dark about a matter. It will protect you and not leave, hurt or embarrass you.


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