Finally, you have landed your first date , but you are in a state of immense stress that you can no longer control yourself. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal. However, know that it is really useless to torture your mind, because the more you panic, the more it can end in failure. Also, to prevent it from turning into a nightmare, you might as well avoid all those embarrassing little moments that can spoil the dating first meeting.

There are always some discomforts and embarrassments during a first date . Many questions pollute the mind about what to say to him, what to do, what to wear… For this to go very well, it is important to accept that the first date ( First date: The 10 mistakes women make frequently ) encourages you to reveal yourself, and that there will always be these moments of embarrassment, but if it is possible to avoid them, you might as well spot them so as not to commit ‘error.

The Awkward Moments of The First Date, How to Avoid Them

  • Come along on the first date

It can be a very funny situation, but many people have already done it. By dint of being too scared, we tend to ask a friend to come with us, and we forget to tell her.

Know that this is one of the best ways to make someone feel uncomfortable , unless you’ve agreed to go on a threesome.

It’s your first date, the first opportunity for you and for him to get to know each other. The first date should be more intimate, perhaps more romantic, and no other people should be present. Your target may be defensive, uncomfortable and will distance himself, hesitating to reveal his true personality to you. No matter how stressed ( Love, some tips for avoiding first-date stress! ) you are, deal with the situation on your own.

Lying about who you really are

In order to win him over, you invented a new personality, a new appearance, and sent him a fake picture of yourself. At the time of the appointment, he will surely wonder if you are the right person. It is better to give him an unflattering photo that represents you than to promise him wonders that he will never have the opportunity to meet.

If you want your first date to be successful, at least put your phone on silent. That way, you’ll avoid rushing to open it every time a message arrives. There’s nothing quite like making a person uncomfortable on a first date ( What a Woman Expects on a First Date ). Your gesture could be taken for lack of consideration, and as if you were being rude. Questions may also come to pollute his mind.

There is nothing more painful than being in front of a person who has nothing to say and who does not participate in the conversation. If you’re shy, use things around you to start a conversation. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it allows you to break the ice. Talk about your passions, maybe you have a passion in common. And, even if they don’t, you’re giving them an opportunity to learn a little more about you. By doing this, you will give off a positive vibe that will encourage him to be a little more interested in you .

The most important thing during a first meeting is to have an interaction with him and to establish a balanced conversation. The gaps will always exist in the discussions, and you will not be able to fill them all, but it is useless to exceed certain thresholds.

  • The first date turns into an interrogation

It is true that the first appointment is the time to learn more about your target. But now is not the time to ask him different questions that could give him the impression of being interrogated. It is better to avoid taking a close interest in his former love lives, or even in his financial situation. You should also not share your own impressions of the male sex with him, and especially avoid complaining about your life.

In order to minimise the moments of embarrassment, you must prepare for your first appointment , in order to put the odds on your side.

How to prepare for a first date of seduction and flirting? What are the solutions to be confident and enjoy the present moment?

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